Currently I'm stuck in a small suburban California town called Lodi. It's surrounded by farm land and there' not much going on here, which would be pretty bad if it wasn't located a half hour from one of the most consistanly windy spots on the main land, Rio Vista, Ca.
With in two hours I can be at a number of world class wave spots, not to mention I'm in driving distance to the Gorge and Baja. If all else fails, (hopefully not my credit card) there are 4 major airports close by to get me out of here!
Below are some maps of my favorite spots, maybe you know a few of them, check it out!
Though I've been there only once, Bonaire is perhaps my favorite place to sail. Consistant trades winds through the winter months coupled with warm shallow water make this tiny island a haven for people looking to learn, cruise, or work on the hottest moves.
I lived in the Gorge for six months, it's awesome. There's so much to do when it's not windy you almost wish the wind would turn off once in a while...almost.
Located in the middle of Long Island, Heckscher State Park on the South Shore and West Meadow Beach on the North Shore Cover the entire year and wind spectrum (except northeast). Heckscher is the choice for spring/summer southerlies (and the rare but awesome easterlies) and West Meadow for fall/winter northerlies, with some seasonal overlap between the two. For North East winds there are several options, but none compare to Napeague Harbor and Gardiners Bay on Long Island's east end!
Wind and Chowda! Another place that's alright to be when the wind shuts off, Cape Cod is beautiful! The windsurfing's not bad either...
The San Fracisco Bay Area, the most consistant of any major metroplitan areas. Wind every day during the summer? Perhaps.
 Why is there no PWA event here? Would it give windsurfing too much exposure?